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The cocktail truly is king.

At The Lab, the cocktail truly is king. Our menu features over 100 delicious cocktails, which will suit every palate. No matter what your taste is, we will have a drink for you.

Our cocktails are made using only premium spirits, and the freshest of fruits, herbs, and spices. We take pride in our drinks, and our bartenders work hard to ensure that each cocktail is a perfect balance of flavours.

The bartenders at The Lab are always experimenting with new and exciting products to tickle your taste buds, so if you can’t choose from our extensive menu just tell us what you like, and we’ll make a cocktail designed for you.

To those who are about to drink, we salute you.


Guest DJ

We’re always on the lookout for fresh exciting new DJ’s here at LAB, so expect to be surprised each and every Thursday with something a little different. (Any enquiries regarding our guest DJ slots please email


DJ Jason

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DJ Felix

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